1. Powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment for skin rejuvenation
  2. Very little to no downtime
  3. Multiple uses and applications to address your specific concerns

BroadBand Light™ Skin Rejuvenation

Our list of concerns with our skin gets longer and longer as we get older. Whether you’re battling age spots, visible veins, or a loss of firmness, it could make feeling confident about your appearance quite a challenge. Dr. Diane Duncan and the team at Plastic Surgical Associates in Colorado want our patients to love the look of their skin and to be free of the stubborn skin problems that come with aging, sun exposure, and an active lifestyle. This is why we recommend BBL skin rejuvenation for achieving beautifully natural results with little to no downtime.

What can BroadBand Light do for you?

  • Reduce pigmentation (freckles and age spots)
  • Improve the appearance of small facial veins and rosacea
  • Treat acne
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Eliminate unwanted hair
BBL treatment Before and post 12 years of routine Forever Young BBL™ treatments Photos courtesy of Sciton®

Our Approach to BBL Skin Rejuvenation

The great thing about ourBroadBand Light treatment is how it can be tailored for each patient’s unique skin type and goals. Whether you’re looking to create a balanced and clear complexion, eliminate unwanted hair, or improve skin laxity, Dr. Duncan and our certified nurse practitioner are able to customize a BBL treatment plan for you.

There are various BroadBand Light treatments that may be used based on your specific goals:

  • Forever Young BBL™: For reducing the appearance of skin aging (pigmentation, age spots, sun damage, etc.)
  • Forever Clear BBL™: For treating stubborn acne
  • Forever Bare BBL™: For reducing unwanted face or body hair
  • SkinTyte II™: For tightening areas of skin laxity (loose skin)

The BroadBand Light Treatment

The number of treatments needed will vary depending on your existing skin condition and goal outcome. A single BBL session may take as little as 15 minutes to perform, but will vary based on the size of the treatment area and the type of BBL treatment.

During your BroadBand Light treatment, the BBL handpiece will be passed over the target area of your skin, delivering small pulses of light energy. Most describe the sensation as similar to some light rubber band snaps accompanied by a warming feel. A topical anesthetic is generally not needed, but you may request this for your BBL treatment for added comfort if you have especially sensitive skin.

Your BBL Results

As soon as your BBL treatment is complete, you will be able to get back to your normal routine with virtually no downtime. You may experience some redness or darkness of the treated areas, but this typically fades within a few short hours.

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Dr. Duncan’s artistic style results in dramatic, yet natural improvements. She works with each individual patient to create a personalized treatment plan based on his or her unique situation and desired goals. We would love to speak with you about achieving the best version of yourself. Call Plastic Surgical Associates in Fort Collins today at 970.493.7445 or click the button below to request a consultation. You can also email us any inquiries at info@drdianeduncan.com.

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