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A woman’s breasts are an important part of her body. They are representative of femininity, youth, and beauty. However, the breasts experience many changes as she gets older. As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Diane Duncan believes in providing women with natural breast enhancement results, personalized to each woman’s unique goals and body type. In addition to the traditional cosmetic breast surgeries, Dr. Duncan performs a scarless breast lift procedure, Perkylift™.

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"As a surgeon with many years of training and experience there is one all-encompassing principle that has always framed my practice; fulfilling the trust my patients have in my abilities to make their appearance goals a reality."

“From the beginning to end, my experience with Dr. Duncan and staff was over the top exceptional. Everyone was helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly. I feel the work I had done was perfect and that Dr. Duncan achieved a very natural look for my body. I highly recommend PSA and will be visiting them again in the near future for other procedures.” - Tracy, Breast Augmentation

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Dr. Duncan’s artistic style results in dramatic, yet natural improvements. Her signature is no signature; the goal is to look as if you haven’t had any work done. Dr. Duncan says, “My goal is to treat the areas of your body you don’t like and keep or enhance the things that make you you–whether that involves surgical procedures, peels, fillers, Botox®, laser procedures, or simply a revolutionary skincare regimen, I believe I have the right solution for patients of any age.”

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