Dr. Laurie F. Niles
Nurse Practitioner and PhD
Alternative Wellness Services

Dr. Niles is a widely-respected specialist who joined Dr. Duncan’s practice in March of 2020.

They worked together in the operating room at Poudre Valley Hospital, and have combined forces in order to better serve the community. Laurie’s experience in aesthetics includes performing filler injections and Botox for two local surgeons. She has a broad range of experience, including running the Little Clinic for two years and performing back and joint injections at the Spine Correction Center.  Dr. Niles also offers general clinical services, enhancement for the immune system, and nutrition counseling. She is an expert at addressing adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, poor digestion, poor diet, undiagnosed hypertension, hormone replacement therapy, PRP, growth factors, stem cells for joints, and much more. She considers herself a sort of “Medical Sherlock Holmes” who searches for the underlying cause of a wide variety of conditions.  Combining Eastern and Western medicine offers her patients more options than traditional medical care.

“I just want to help people.”

Dr. Niles is passionate about making her patients well and, as she says, to heal the body from the inside out.  She says that everything in our miraculous bodies is connected.  You can’t just treat one thing without considering everything else. With so many modalities available today, she is constantly searching for new ways to help and heal the body.

“In order to really make a difference in people’s health, I always start with a long talk that goes much deeper than the obvious questions.”

Her practice style is to spend a lot of time listening to each patient’s concerns, beliefs, and values.  Together they can work to find solutions to improve health, self, and psyche.  She does not assume anything.  Rather she allows a person’s true self to emerge.  She says, “Looking into someone’s eyes and truly listening is essential to good care.”

“My experience is broad.  It’s given me a wide array of ways to help people.”

She has a multitude of tools in her “toolbox” so she can tailor treatment in a very personalized way.  She has worked with hospice patients, in the operating room, general practice, and urgent care. In 2016, she received her doctorate as a nurse practitioner.  Her education combined with real-life experience makes her a unique and sought-after wellness specialist.

“I address the whole person; not just what is bothering them at the moment.”

Dr. Niles works with patients of all ages, ethnicities, and lifestyles. Although there are common threads, each person is totally unique in her eyes. With her wonderful personality, she puts everyone at ease.  She says she takes her work very seriously but wants life to be light which allows for genuine connections with her patients.

Please call for a private consultation with Dr. Niles.  The experience could awaken you to what is available to make your life healthier and happier.

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