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    Exclusive to our plastic surgery center in Fort Collins, Dr. Duncan has pioneered and trademarked a revolutionary scarless breast lifting technique. With a wealth of nine years of expertise and a track record of over 350 cases, she utilizes radio frequency energy to contract soft tissue and tighten the overlying skin, eliminating the need for excess skin removal. It’s important to note that optimal results are achieved for small to medium-sized patients, as skin shrinkage is aesthetically effective up to 33%.

    Experience the innovative approach to breast lifting at our specialized facility for exceptional outcomes.








    Impressive Emsculpt results

    I am over 60 years old. I gave birth to my child about 12 years ago. Although my diet has always been healthy, my time to exercise post-pregnancy and in the years since, as a single working mother, have not been enough to decrease the upper and lower abdominal fat I carried, along with the extra 10 or so pounds I could not drop. The extremely positive…

    Dr. Diane Duncan and staff are great! They will answer any questions or concerns you may have. They are highly trained and I love the fact that no men work there. They make you feel very comfortable before and after surgery. I would recommend Dr. Duncan to everyone I know.


    Please accept my sincere gratitude for the excellent medical care I received from you and your staff. Your patience and understanding regarding my many inquiries were handled in a very professional manner. Your staff was especially courteous, prompt and caring. Thank you for being the greatest Doctor I have ever met in a long, long time.




    M.D., FACS


    With a focus on enhancing natural beauty and empowering individuals to be their best selves, Dr. Duncan has garnered global recognition as an award-winning plastic and reconstructive surgeon for over three decades. Renowned regionally and internationally, she has pioneered numerous surgical, non-surgical, and minimally-invasive procedures. From BBL, microneedling, and rhinoplasty at our Fort Collins plastic surgery center to transformative mommy makeovers, Dr. Duncan’s expertise extends beyond patient care; she also serves as an educator, sharing her knowledge to enhance outcomes and introduce innovative techniques to surgeons worldwide.


    Plastic Surgical Associates is committed to addressing your unique needs, whether you’re seeking minor or major aesthetic transformations, tackling specific health concerns, or aiming to enhance your overall well-being. Our Fort Collins plastic surgery center provides customized solutions, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your care. Experience personalized services that cater to your individual goals and contribute to a more vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.


    Lip Lift

    Lip Lift

     If you’ve never been blessed with full, beautiful lips and are not a filler fan, a surgical lip lift is an attractive alternative.  A long, flat upper lip adds the appearance of age and a stern attitude. Instead of repeated filler injections, you may want to consider...

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    Understanding the Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline

    Understanding the Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline

    Rhinoplasty can serve several purposes, whether it's to enhance the appearance of your nose or to address breathing concerns. But before getting started, it’s important to understand the full journey ahead. Having a clear picture of the procedure itself is invaluable,...

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    Breast implant removal with Perkylift™

    Breast implant removal with Perkylift™

    Are you thinking about getting your implants taken out?  Implant removal without replacement has become more popular, due in part to the change in lifestyles and values post-Covid. For many, life has become more casual and authentic, and large breasts are no longer...

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    PatientFi (Our Newest Financing Partnership)

    PatientFi (Our Newest Financing Partnership)

    We are excited to announce a new partnership with PatientFi! Considered the friendly way to pay, PatientFi can approve you in under a minute with no hidden fees, no hard pull on your credit history (thereby not affecting your credit score) and multiple monthly payment...

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    What’s the deal with exosomes?

    What’s the deal with exosomes?

    These little guys are hot the aesthetic buzz; but what are they and how do they work? When you look at a cell, all have an intracellular structure called an endosome (meaning that the vesicle is inside the cell). These tiny compartments contain smaller nanoparticulate...

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