Male Breast Reduction

  1. Men are increasingly seeking assistance with body contour issues as diet and exercise will not correct all of their concerns.
  2. Top treatment areas include the chest area, abdomen, neck, and flanks.
  3. Patients seek Dr. Duncan’s expertise in this area as she can also tighten skin about 33% without cutting it out.


This 22 year old lost almost 100 pounds over a year. He became frustrated by the lack of response to diet and exercise; his “man boobs” made him very self-conscious. He hoped for an improvement so that he would not feel awkward when he was not wearing a shirt.

Left: 22 year old after massive weight loss. Right: Patient six weeks following radiofrequency assisted liposuction to the male chest.

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As I have gotten older, I’ve developed male breasts that I never used to have. The skin hangs down a bit. I’m worried that if the fat is removed, then I’ll have even more loose skin.

Left: 62 year old with pendulous male breasts. Right: 6 weeks following RF assisted liposuction and scarless lift with Dr. Duncan.

Dr. Duncan uses radiofrequency devices to tighten the soft tissue and skin without needing to cut skin out. Not only is the contour flat, but loose skin is lifted and tightened.

I’ve seen that this is a technique that Dr. Duncan has pioneered, but I don’t really understand how it works.

As we age, the collagen connections between fat cell, the skin, and underlying fascia loosen and attenuate. The tissue goes from firm to floppy, and hangs down. The radiofrequency devices target these collagen fibers within the fat. As the subcutaneous tissue draws together, the overlying skin follows.

I’ve seen a plastic surgeon that told me I need to have actual breast tissue cut out; he says liposuction won’t remove it.

Left: 26 year old with true gynecomastia. Right: 6 weeks following RFAL by Dr. Duncan.

There was no need for an additional incision; fibrous tissue was able to be removed following RF ablation with a liposuction cannula.

I want to have this done but I don’t want a lot of recovery time or telltale scars.

Our newest technology is a device called J-Plasma. This is used in conjunction with liposuction. There is minimal bruising and swelling. Patients can return to work in 2 days wearing a compression garment.

Left: 44 year old before treatment. Right: Patient 48 hours postop, before returning to work.

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