Dr. Duncan offers a free consultation with our patient care coordinator. Her staff is knowledgeable and experienced in caring for patients before, during, and after abdominal contouring and abdominal plastic surgery. Patients seek Dr. Duncan’s expertise in treating this condition. Her years of experience, excellent listening ability, and care that extends well after the procedure are reasons why many patients choose her for their surgery.

  1. Traditional liposuction for the abdomen is a good solution for patients who are young, have a mild to moderate region of fat excess, and who have no skin laxity.
  2. For patients who have larger trouble spots, those with a bit of loose skin, and some who have had previous treatment and need a touch-up, Dr. Duncan offers many alternatives, such as radiofrequency-assisted liposuction, laser assisted liposuction, and J-Plasma.
  3. Her ability to tighten the skin up to 33% without cutting skin out is the primary reason patients seek Dr. Duncan’s services for liposuction.


This 22-year-old had a growth spurt, and developed a localized fat deposit along with stretch marks in her lower abdomen. Traditional liposuction (SAL) would leave her with sagging, irregular skin in the treatment region.

Left: 22-year-old with an abdominal bulge. Results, right, 6 weeks after liposuctions and skin tightening with BodyTite (if she had been treated with traditional liposuction, there would have been sagging skin in the lower abdominal region).

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I’m older, and have lost tone to my tissue as I’ve aged. I’m worried that if I have fat removed, the skin left behind will just sag and wrinkle.

This can certainly happen. Dr. Duncan’s special area of research is correcting the tone as well as reducing laxity of skin without having to cut skin or soft tissue out. Her nine years of work have resulted in our ability to offer excellent outcomes with
minimal downtime for treatment of abdominal contour problems for both men and women through adbdominal plastic surgery.

This 52-year-old worked hard to tone and flatten her stomach. Her husband told her she looked great. However, she disliked the localized fat around her belly button. She saw the protrusion in clothing and when wearing a swimsuit. Her skin was a bit lax,
so she opted for RF-assisted liposuction of the abdomen.

52-year-old before treatment and 3 months following RFAL of the abdomen with BodyTite

I’ve seen two other surgeons who have told me I need a tummy tuck. I just don’t want this much surgery. Can I get some improvement with liposuction? They say my skin would sag, and it would not look good without cutting skin out.
There are certainly situations in which liposuction plus minimally invasive skin tightening can give a satisfactory result. The general rule is that if the skin contraction needs to be more than 33%, some skin excision will be required. Simple liposuction will only achieve 8% skin surface area reduction, and there is no “boost” to the skin or framework of lax underlying fat. Dr. Duncan prefers RF-assisted liposuction (33% skin contraction) over laser-assisted liposuction (15% skin contraction).

Abdominal protuberance before surgery and 3 months after RFAL with BodyTite by Dr. Duncan

I am a middle aged man, and I want to lose my beer belly. I’ve quit drinking beer, but the fat just won’t go away. I’ve seen a plastic surgeon who told me this was omental fat located inside the abdomen, and I’d have to have big surgery to remove it. His advice was diet only

Dr. Duncan will check to see if there is some subcutaneous fat that can be corrected with liposuction. In men, her favorite combination is BodyTite plus J Plasma. BodyTite can create directional shaping, as you see below. By adding J Plasma, there is immediate skin contraction so results can be seen within 24 hours.

48-year-old man before surgery and 8 weeks after RFAL by Dr. Duncan with BodyTite

I want improvement but I only have 4 days to recover. After the RF liposuction procedure, when can I go back to work?

Most of our patients are able to return to a non-strenuous job after 4-5 days. We do recommend avoiding extreme range of motion as well as contact or impact sports for about 6 weeks, in order to optimize the smoothness of the results. You will need to wear a compression garment in most cases, so the skin molds down smoothly.

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