Breast Lifting Surgery

  1. New techniques have improved the outcome of surgical breast lifts so that shape and long-term lift are significantly better than in the past.
  2. In many cases, the combination of an energy assisted lift plus a surgical procedure with less extensive incisions can achieve an excellent outcome.
  3. Alternatives include a lift or reshaping, with either a periareolar incision, the “lollipop” pattern, or a full anchor pattern incision.


This 41-year-old developed drooping breasts following having children. She liked her size and did not want to be larger. She requested a lift, and did not mind incisions if her shape was good.
Left: Patient before surgery. Right: 6 weeks following surgical breast reshaping and lift. Our reshaping technique uses the patient’s own breast tissue to create an implant like appearance, without using actual breast implants.

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    I had you do a breast lift four years ago after I lost weight. I’ve lost even more weight, and now I need more help. I’m afraid that taking out more skin will make me look even smaller.

    Left: Patient preoperative view. Right: 2014, six weeks following surgical breast lift.

    Same patient several years later, after further weight loss. The lift has not diminished. More volume is needed.

    Left: Same patient before breast augmentation. Right: Six weeks after subpectoral augmentation with cohesive gel implants.

    When can a breast augmentation be a lift? I have some skin laxity after having children, but I don’t want the scars and would like to be a little fuller.

    Left: 39 year old mom of 2 preoperatively. Right: 6 weeks after bilateral breast augmentation.

    This patient has an excellent result as her nipples do not sit too low, and her skin envelope is not overly large.

    How would I know if I can get by with just a breast augmentation for my lift? Can you give me some guidelines?

    Left: 35 year old mother of 4. Note large areolae that sit very low. Right: Patient 3 months after breast augmentation and PerkyLift. Skin tightening was needed because of the low nipples.

    Good general guidelines for “lift” success with a breast augmentation alone include:

    a. Nipples that are not too low. If there is no visible skin under the areola in the front view, you probably need more help than just a breast augmentation.
    b. A skin envelope that is mildly to moderately large. Measurements will help to determine if skin excision is needed.
    c. In cases where the skin envelope only needs about a 25% reduction, combining an RF Perkylift with a breast augmentation can give good results.

    My breasts look big, but I think it’s mostly skin. Can you reshape my breasts without reducing the size?

    Left: 50 year old 36D wanted a lift, not smaller. Right: 6 weeks after breast reshaping. Breasts may look slightly smaller when extra skin is removed.

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