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NEO resolving chronic back pain

I had chronic back pain before I started EmSculpt Neo treatment.  I could never bend over without having a lot of pain.  Now, even three months after treatment, I can move freely without issue!  I can lay on the floor or the couch, do workouts, and stand for long periods of time without any back issues whatsoever.  I highly recommend this treatment.

“I want to thank Dr. Duncan and PSA for the incredible transformation they were able to achieve with my body. Having children and age had made me feel disfigured and unfeminine. I researched for a long time many different surgeons and even considered going out of the country. I kept coming back to Dr. Duncan’s website because the photos of her work reflect my desire to look like myself after surgery rather than skanky with huge balloons on my chest. I am so glad I went with Dr. Duncan and PSA. I feel beautiful and look natural. She is a true artist. Thank you for giving me my femininity back.”

J-Plasma Commentary

“Working with PSA was easy, informative, supportive, professional; with appropriate expectations set at the beginning of the process; delivering wonderful results. Based on Dr. Duncan’s recommendation I selected the procedure: J Plasma to the abdomen and 1 flank. The result from my & my husband’s observation is ‘significant’ and good.
I am a mid 50’s female, a lifelong work-out person. No matter what I did I couldn’t lose the donut in my midsection.  Dr. Duncan performed a symmetrical, thorough, artistic, and accurate procedure; which matched her prediction given during our pre-procedure appointment. 4 months post-procedure, as inflammation continues to improve, the j-plasma technology seems to hold true to the studies, including skin adherence & shrinkage.
I highly recommend the doctor and her practice.  The staff was always welcoming and supportive. I am greatly pleased with the results.”

Mommy Makeover Commentary

“Most of my life I was happy with my C-cup breast size. But after having 4 children and turning 41, my breasts were small and sagging and barely an A-cup! I made a consultation appointment with Dr. Duncan because of her 20+ years of experience and at my initial consultation, I immediately felt comfortable. Dr. Duncan listened to me and took the time to answer all of my questions. I consulted with 2 other plastic surgeons who both recommended an implant size larger than Dr. Duncan. I would have been very unhappy with breasts larger than I have now!! I definitely made the right choice in selecting Dr. Duncan for my breast augmentation. Dr. Duncan understood that I didn’t want large, trashy, fake-looking breasts. I just wanted my old breasts back! And I am thrilled with the results. After only 3 months my scars are barely visible. My breasts look AND feel completely natural. They are perfect and exactly what I wanted! I have already referred 2 close friends to Dr. Duncan!

“When I visit a doctor for the first time, the initial interaction between the employees and me sets the tone for either a comfortable or an uncomfortable relationship. Dr. Duncan’s staff immediately initiates a caring and sincere concern for each patient. One feels welcomed!

Her staff is very friendly and attentive, which reflects the integrity of themselves and their employer. They work side by side with her to guide the patient through the cycle of the caterpillar, the chrysalis, and with the artistic hand of Dr. Duncan, to the final stage- the beautiful butterfly!”

Lisa H.

“Please accept my sincere gratitude for the excellent medical care I received from you and your staff. Your patience and understanding regarding my many inquiries were handled in a very professional manner. Your staff was especially courteous, prompt and caring. Thank you for being the greatest Doctor I have ever met in a long, long time.”


Female Patient, Breast Re-Shaping

“In college, I had a lumpectomy from one of breasts and they have been asymmetrical ever since. For 17 years I lived with uneven breasts. I was always self-conscious of the way they looked and tried everything from silicone bra inserts to wearing two or three bras to flatten them so the size difference wasn’t noticeable. I finally decided I had enough.

I found Plastic Surgical Associates online, and when I met Dr. Duncan and her staff I felt right at home. Not only were they friendly, they answered all of my questions and listened to my concerns. I was extremely nervous and they helped me feel at ease. After meeting Dr. Duncan, I knew she was the physician I wanted to perform my surgery.

Goodbye bra inserts! I was in tears the first time I saw my breasts after surgery. Dr. Duncan did an amazing job! They look fabulous, plus they were nice and perky. After my surgery, Dr. Duncan and her staff were diligent about following up with me to see how my recovery was coming along and to answer any questions.

It was a long road to recovery, but it was definitely worth the wait. I highly recommend Dr. Duncan and her staff to anyone considering plastic surgery. Dr. Duncan is truly amazing. Thank you!”

Male, Otoplasty Patient

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Duncan and her staff! I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way and I genuinely had a great time through the whole process, even during surgery. Diane Duncan exudes confidence in her craft and it is displayed in her work, experience, and reputation worldwide. I have never had any type of surgery and Dr. Duncan, the nurses and staff members were wonderful on the day of surgery (and throughout the process) and set me completely at ease. I am VERY pleased with my experience and would recommend Dr. Duncan to anyone interested in Plastic Surgery. The years of tucking my ears into my hat and turning my head sideways for photographs are gone. I am extremely happy with the natural new position of my ears! WELL DONE! Thanks again to Dr. Duncan and staff!”
“I wanted to say warmest thanks to you and your wonderful staff for being so kind and gentle during my uncomfortable experience, but believe me it was truly worth it! Thank you, my new breasts look absolutely beautiful and you’re definitely the best doctor of all!!!!”

Judy A

Female, Breast Augmentation Patient

“While I knew my surgery would help me look much better, I did not anticipate that I would make me feel so much better. Not only do I think I now look good in clothes, I actually feel good in them. I can’t wait to get dressed each morning. Because of my naturally boyish shape, I have never really felt “feminine” my entire life. I have suddenly discovered that I love being a woman, I like lingerie and lace, cute pajamas and scented lotion. I wear a little more makeup and jewelry. I take time for baths. And I actually enjoy each and every process. I finally feel feminine. I have also become kinder and gentler. I am more caring loving. When you performed my surgery, you did more than just open my closet, you opened my eyes and you opened my heart. This surgery has absolutely changed everything for me. Everything. Thank you.”
“Only after this wonderful surgery have I come to realize what you have given back to me, almost as a by-product of the surgical procedures. Joy, pure and simple joy! I am renewed, whole again and complete. Astonishing discoveries, for someone whose expectations were so very limited. Thank you for being a part of the most positive experience of my life. I hear the scientist speak as I listen to your words. I see the artist’s work as I glance at my face. Thank you.”

Jeanie S

“I am writing in reference to a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Diane Duncan with PSA. In my younger years I had several cysts removed from my breasts and a mass, so I wasn’t pleased with how I looked at all. I also gave birth to two children and we all know what that can do. I researched for a plastic surgeon and I found that Dr. Duncan has several Board Certifications that others didn’t in the state. I made an appointment and just felt so at home with Dr. Duncan and her staff. I will say I call them my friends or even family. I had a breast augmentation, chin revision and a tummy tuck. I loved my results so much that I decided that I wanted other procedures. I loved my Erbium Laser surgery, it took ten years off my face and corrected some flaws. I have been enjoying my life so much better than I would have if I would have left things along. I have been seeing Dr. Duncan, her staff, and her fabulous nurses for around 10 years now. When I need a bit of a touch up or some liposuction here and there, I give them a call and they take the best care of me. The best thing is Dr. Duncan keeps up on all the new things and so many procedures are now less invasive then when I started. One of my favorite things did for me when I was having surgery was she removed my hump on my upper back which is a posture thing, but I felt so renewed and younger. I just loved that. I am turning 50 but most people think I am 30 or even younger. I highly recommend Dr. Duncan and her nurses and staff. I feel very spoiled by them all. I have referred every person I know to her and only her. I had a few friends not listen and have had some bad turnouts. If you want the best, you want PSA with Dr. Duncan.”

Lynn Mary Rundle Juhl

“From the beginning to end, my experience with Dr. Duncan and staff was over the top exceptional. Everyone was helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly. I feel the work I had done was perfect and that Dr. Duncan achieved a very natural look for my body. I highly recommend PSA and will be visiting them again in the near future for other procedures.”


“Just wanted to say Thank You. The entire procedure, from start to finish, was a wonderful experience. I would recommend your facility to my family and friends. The outcome of my surgery was exactly as I had hoped! I am so pleased. Thank you all for your kindness- you have all been terrific. The surgical staff made me feel welcome, their highest priority and treated me with respect, dignity and was genuinely concerned about my well-being. My best surgical experience. This was such a positive experience for me. How can I express the difference this had made in my life? My self-esteem has improved tremendously! My husband thanks you too. Thanks you so much. Feel free to use me as a referral anytime.”

Julie H


Dr. Duncan has performed a few body procedures on me: Liposuction, abdominal muscle repair, Vaser, and lipolysis. She created a special plan of procedures that would enhance my features and sculpt my body so I would look and feel my best. I am a high maintenance client, but she and her amazing staff have always been courteous, friendly and very accommodating toward me. When I had my first surgery, I was extremely nervous and unsure about what was happening to my body. Even though the procedure had been explained to me, I did not expect to have so much discomfort and swelling. The nurse on staff told me if I needed anything over the weekend to call. The staff called me to check up on me. They are so friendly and nurturing; which is relieving before and after surgery. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. I call the office whenever I have a problem and someone will either assist me or call me back. The office is busy but the staff manages to make time for their clients. I have always felt self-conscious about my body until I visited Dr. Duncan. She gave me an amazing body; I feel so good about myself. This woman is very knowledgeable and will go beyond her duties as a plastic surgeon. Dr. Duncan cares about her patients, and I am so glad she has been a part of my body transformation. Did I mention how great I look? I look and feel HOT! I finally can wear those skimpy bikinis and tight tops. You will not regret your visit to Dr. Duncan’s office. I highly recommend her as your plastic surgeon. Bravo, Dr. Duncan!”


Anyone considering any type of cosmetic procedure needs to schedule a consultation with Dr. Diane Duncan immediately. You will never regret it!!! You will receive excellent care from a highly educated, experienced, caring physician and her friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff.

Dr. Duncan and her staff are not about “selling” you procedures and anti-aging products that do not work. They are very straight forward about what is possible and how to achieve natural looking results. Prior to meeting Dr. Duncan, I had undergone several procedures and tried numerous products that were very disappointing and a waste of time and money. Dr. Duncan delivers what she promises! Now when I walk past a mirror, I feel great instead of wondering who that old woman is.

I highly recommend Plastic Surgical Associates and will have all future procedures with Dr. Duncan.

Overjoyed Patient, April 2012

After my recent birthday and after a year of seeing a tired complexion, I started doing some research into laser resurfacing. I had no interest in traditional nip-and-tuck plastic surgery, and I had heard nice things about the results that Dr. Duncan’s patients have achieved.

During the consultation, Dr. Duncan proposed some very affordable options based on my objectives: perk up my complexion and get rid on the fine lines on my upper lip. With the deep laser resurfacing and Restylane Injections, the objectives were exceeded! The fine lines were eradicated and my complexion feels so firm now. Additional benefits were the corners of my mouth being turned up a bit, a better-defined jawline, and my left eyelid being lifted with a light pass of the laser. It matches the other eyelid appearance now.

It is some of the best money I’ve spent on services from Dr. Duncan and her great staff.

I had been dreaming of getting a tummy tuck for the last decade but didn’t start looking for a plastic surgeon until I had enough money saved. The day finally arrived so I got online and searched for surgeons in the Northern Colorado area, as there were so many to choose from. I felt the best place to start was the before and after galleries and one doctor really stood out to me, Dr. Diane Duncan. Her worked looked so natural in comparison to the others and I also noticed information on a procedure called the almost scar-less breast lift. This was another area I had considered getting worked on but was not enthused about cutting around the areola and risk losing sensation with a periareolar lift and I wasn’t about to have the Franken-scars from an anchor lift, so this new procedure intrigued me. My initial consultation with Robbin was on a Friday, I met with Dr. Duncan the following Monday and had my surgery that Wednesday. I am absolutely thrilled with the results of both the breast lift and the tummy tuck. AMAZING is the best word to describe her work and how I feel!

Kathy N

I was always small breasted but didn’t realize the effect nursing two children would have! My breasts went from small to almost non-existent. This definitely took a toll on my confidence over the years. I had a couple friends that had breast augmentation surgery and raved about the positive effect it had on their lives. After much thought, I made the decision to have the procedure myself. I went to a few doctors for consultations and finally came across Dr. Duncan. The staff was so friendly and I knew as soon as I spoke with Dr. Duncan there was a connection between her philosophy and my expectations. 6 weeks after my breast augmentation I feel amazing! Looking back it seems like such an easy procedure for the lifetime of confidence I know I’ll have. I truly feel that this was the way I was supposed to always look. I can’t say “thank you” enough.

Kelly K

I have had the most amazing experience here! I knew at my consult that Dr. Duncan was my surgeon, she knew exactly what I was wanting! I ended up with the results I had imagined. The staff was so friendly and informative as well. I will be referring all of my friends! Thank you so much!

Natalie S

High Expectations and Great Outcomes

“My experience was great from the beginning. My options were reviewed and explained in detail. The staff took extra time to explain the procedure that would be best for me, considering my desired look and the doctors professional opinion. Doctor Duncan and staff always took the time to work with me during my follow up visits and explained exactly what I needed to do to get the maximum results. My results were amazing, much more than I expected! Thank You all!”