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As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Diane Duncan has helped both men and women achieve their unique aesthetic goals with highly personalized procedures. She believes in treating the individual patient–completely tailoring his or her surgery based on what is discussed during their private consultation and always keeping each one’s specific goals, concerns, and unique situation in mind. In this way, Dr. Duncan is able to provide each man and woman with the beautifully natural outcomes he or she has been envisioning — a fresher, younger, more confident version of himself or herself.

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"As a surgeon with many years of training and experience there is one all-encompassing principle that has always framed my practice; fulfilling the trust my patients have in my abilities to make their appearance goals a reality."

“Please accept my sincere gratitude for the excellent medical care I received from you and your staff. Your patience and understanding regarding my many inquiries were handled in a very professional manner. Your staff was especially courteous, prompt and caring. Thank you for being the greatest Doctor I have ever met in a long, long time.” - K.W.

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Dr. Duncan’s artistic style results in dramatic, yet natural improvements. Her signature is no signature; the goal is to look as if you haven’t had any work done. Dr. Duncan says, “My goal is to treat the areas of your body you don’t like and keep or enhance the things that make you you–whether that involves surgical procedures, peels, fillers, Botox®, laser procedures, or simply a revolutionary skincare regimen, I believe I have the right solution for patients of any age.”

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