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  1. Dr. Duncan invented and trademarked this scarless approach for breast lifting, with nine years of experience and over 350 cases.
  2. Instead of cutting out excess skin, she shrinks the soft tissue and overlying skin using  radiofrequency energy.
  3. Because the skin can only shrink 33% in an aesthetic manner, only small to medium  patients will get the best outcome.


This 62-year-old patient had grade III ptosis and was a marginal candidate for a PerkyLift. Using new technology and an updated technique, we were able to give her not only a significant lift but a dramatic improvement in shape that resembled implant placement. The ability to not only lift, but reshape breasts offers women a new alternative to implants following childbirth, weight loss, or general aging.

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I’ve never heard of this procedure. How does it work?

Dr. Duncan teaches this procedure globally. She made a video in Barcelona, please watch the full video here. As we age, our soft tissue and skin loses its collagen framework. By gently heating the tissue with a radiofrequency cannula at multiple depths, ingrowth of a new collagen framework is induced. It takes time, about 3-6 months, for the majority of correction to occur.

What types of problems can this procedure help with?
Simple sagging, or ptosis, can be improved with an RF assisted PerkyLift. It can also be used in combination with a breast augmentation when a mild to moderate lift is needed. PerkyLifts can improve outcomes when asymmetry or unevenness is present before surgery. In secondary breast implant procedures, an opportunity to use smaller implants can be realized if performed in concert with a minimally invasive RF assisted breast lift, so the skin envelope can shrink rather than sag.
I understand that success with this procedure depends on the patient’s participation. What can I do to optimize my results?
Tension or drag on the surgery site limits the ingrowth of collagen and therefore shrinkage of the skin envelope. Wearing great support after the procedure really helps to create an environment for skin tightening. Since this is something that develops over time, a minimum of 3 months’ commitment is required. While near immediate return to work and moderate activity is OK, extreme range of motion, contact or impact sports, and a lack of bra support is not recommended.
I know that results with this procedure can be limited. What are some good guidelines to help me choose between a traditional surgical mastopexy and a PerkyLift?
Good candidates for surgery include patients who need a mild to moderate correction, and those who would be satisfied with less than full, surgical correction. For those needing moderate to severe correction or will only settle for full ptosis correction, a full anchor mastopexy is indicated.
If the sternal notch to nipple distance is greater than 25 cm, you may need to have skin removed. PerkyLifts work well if the level of correction needed is mild to moderate, or if the patient is willing to accept moderate improvement in exchange for a lack of permanent scars.

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