Facial Rejuvenation

Minimally Invasive Facial Rejuvenation and Facial Plastic Surgery


  1. In the rapidly evolving field of cosmetic facial plastic surgery, many new noninvasive and minimally invasive options exist for treating the aging face—without a traditional facelift.
  2. Usually, a combination of procedures will best correct skin laxity, facial volume loss, wrinkles, sun damage, and a sad or tired facial expression.
  3. Many patients seek Dr. Duncan’s treatments as she teaches minimally invasive facial rejuvenation all over the world.


This 65-year-old woman came in with a chief concern of looking old. She had an energetic and vibrant personality, but noted that the person in the mirror was not the person that lived inside. She wanted correction of her facial hollowness, wrinkles and dull skin texture, neck laxity, and the sad and tired facial expression.

Left: Patient before facial plastic surgery. Right: Patient 6 weeks after erbium laser resurfacing, fat grafting in the cheeks, jawline, and mouth and eye region, and a mini-necklift.

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My greatest fear in looking at doing something about my aging face is that it will look funny. I have a neighbor who’s had work done—and she looks like it. I don’t want to reject my age, but I do want to look a little younger without looking distorted.

Left: 53 year old before treatment. Right: 6 weeks following erbium laser resurfacing.

Our years of experience and giant toolbox gives you a full range of options. Because most people would like the less invasive options, that’s where we start. A lot of our patients choose skin resurfacing to minimize wrinkles, and fillers or fat transfer in order to correct the hollow look. In many cases, skin tightening can be achieved without cutting skin out.

I’m just beginning to look into options for my face and neck. Are there any noninvasive treatments that really do anything? I’ve had a few things done, but they seem a waste of money so far. I’m not really ready for surgery.

Above: 61 year old with fine lines. Below: Photo shows outcome 6 weeks after RF microneedling and fractional erbium resurfacing.

We offer quite a few noninvasive treatments such as IPL, BBL, and Lumecca for treating sun-damaged skin. Chemical peels can help with pigment, tone, and texture. Microneedling is a very popular new treatment that can rejuvenate the skin with little to no downtime. External radiofrequency treatments can add tone to lax tissue.

I'd like a long-term lifetime treatment plan. I’m in my late 30s, and I think that maintenance is the best way to avoid looking odd and needing a big treatment in my 50s.

Above: 59 year old who has kept up with a maintenance program. Below: Photo shows her result 6 months following a nonsurgical eyelid and brow lift.

We agree that this is a sound and reasonable approach. Most women and men in their 30s start with Botox, fillers, and skin care. We have a great line of specially formulated skin care products including a tinted sunblock and antiaging moisturizers. People in their 40s frequently start to look at minimally invasive treatments such as RF neck lifts, skin resurfacing, and hair restoration for men. During their 50s, common facial treatments include laser resurfacing, fat transfer, eyelid rejuvenation (either surgical or nonsurgical), and mini necklifts.

I’m getting a divorce, then going to my family reunion in about 5 months. I need a significant boost but want a natural outcome. What are your minimally invasive options for the face and neck?

Left: 38 year old before RF assisted necklift. Right: 6 weeks following minimally invasive jawline contouring.

While nonsurgical procedures can achieve good results, a very visible difference is more likely to be seen with a minimally invasive approach. Most middle-aged women seek improvement in the regions around the eyes and mouth. If you don’t have much time before your event, a Halo laser treatment along with Botox and fillers might be best. If you do have a bit more recovery time, the best facial options might be resurfacing and fat grafting, with radiofrequency-assisted skin tightening. Body contouring is usually minimally invasive, so you would be able to attend your reunion in a few weeks.

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