1. Men are increasingly seeking assistance with body contour issues as diet and exercise will not correct all of their concerns.
  2. Top treatment areas include the abdomen, flanks and waistline, neck, and chest.
  3. Patients seek Dr. Duncan’s expertise in this area as she can also tighten skin about 33% without cutting it out.

Body Contouring for Men

Real Patient Story

Male Breast Case 1

Left: 48 year old before treatment. Right: Patient 8 weeks following RFAL of the abdomen with BodyTite.

Testimonial: 51 year old who had a desk job wanted a “jump start” to help reduce his abdominal protrusion. “This is like a miracle! I can’t believe how much better I look! The recovery was easy. Now I am more motivated to keep watching what I eat and working out. Thank you, Dr. Duncan!”

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I lost 80 lb on my own but I still have a ring of fat around my midsection. I’m afraid that if I have the fat removed the skin will hang down.

Male Breast Case 2

Left: 21 year old after 80 lb weight loss. Right: 2 years after RF assisted liposuction with BodyTite.

No pendulous skin was seen postop. The result is at 2 years; long lasting aesthetic improvement is noted.

I am looking for something with a visible effect. I looked on RealSelf and saw that the love handle area is a difficult one. What is the best option for instant results?

Male Breast Case 3

Left: 49 year old with asymmetric flank lipodystrophy. Right: Patient one day postop liposuction plus BodyTite and J Plasma tightening.

This patient had immediate skin tightening with this combination. The box on the right was drawn after liposuction, before RF treatment. It measured 10 cm by 10 cm at first. The next day, measurements were 7.4 cm x 7.4 cm. That’s a 26% skin surface contraction in a single day.

I am older, in my 60s. I have a big stomach and man boobs. Is there any help for this?

Male Breast Case 4

Left: 63 year old with gynecomastia and abdominal protrusion. Right: 6 weeks after RFAL with BodyTite.

I have a really protuberant abdomen. I went to see another surgeon and he told me that I have internal fat; he said liposuction will not help me. How much improvement can I get with liposuction? Every little bit helps.

Male Breast Case 5

Left: 49 year old with abdominal protrusion. Right: Patient six weeks after RF assisted liposuction with BodyTite. Remaining fat is internal omental fat that can be lost with diet.

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