8 Reasons to Try EMSCULPT®

Eight reasons to try EMSCUPT® at Plastic Surgical Associates!

24-year-old pre- and post- EMSCULPT

E – Exercise

One tx is equal to 20,000 supramaximal crunches. Supramaximal contractions are the full recruitment of all muscle fibers, during normal exercise it isn’t possible to hold this level of engagement for more than a few seconds. EMSCULPT allows the muscle to hold this tension level for much longer, thereby tremendously increasing metabolic demand in that specific area.

M – Muscle Mass Increase

15% increase in abdominal muscle mass at 2 months after 4 tx. Aside from ensuring mobility, muscles help with:

  • Weight management (bigger muscle requires more energy)
  • Increased insulin sensitivity (more muscle means improved ability to ‘grab’ glucose from the bloodstream for energy creation)
  • Improved mood (a Swedish study found that muscle activation lowers stress chemicals in the blood – apparently, there are super built mice who are not susceptible to depression once at a certain muscle mass)
  • Increased immunity: amino acid stores are vital to healthy immune function, and these are stored in muscle. More muscle means more amino acids such as glutamine, arginine and cysteine, and this translates to improved ability to respond to immunological threats.

S – Satisfaction

91% of patients in the study were satisfied, however, RealSelf currently has 100% satisfaction rating.

C – Confidence Improvement

Out of 75 patients receiving buttock treatments, 79% reported improvement in confidence. Better mental states are directly linked to improved health. A 30-minute fight with a partner can slow healing by a day, whereas expressing affection can lower cholesterol levels. Short term, acute stress can raise boost your immune system (including raising cancer-fighting molecules) while long-term, chronic stress results in depression of that same system, along with a host of other problems. Aside from making your social interactions that much better, self-confidence is also a major player is emotional resiliency and a variety of physical health markers. Confidence improves your feeling of control which plays into a factor coming up…

Despite being a successful ultrarunner, this patient didn’t feel comfortable running without a shirt on…

After EMSCULPT she felt much more confident.

U – Unrestricted

No downtime. This means you can still hit that spin class tomorrow morning or that evening yoga class tonight.

L – Lifestyle Motivation

Alongside that confidence boost that makes you realize you can do anything, the EMSCULPT results are something you’ll want to protect and optimize. Fat reduction, on average, of 19% at 1 month post-4tx inspires many people to make a persistent lifestyle change towards better nutrition and consistent exercise to optimize their results.  Keep in mind that maintenance is still a personal, daily thing, and that two yearly maintenance treatments are recommended.

P – Performance

Highly consistent, 21/33 patients had more than 15% fat reduction at 1 month post-4tx. Unlike many treatment interventions, few patients see little to no result. On average patients saw a waist decrease of over 1 inch at 2 months after 4tx. A decrease in waist circumference can lead to an improvement in the hip to waist ratio which has frequently been shown to be an even more accurate indicator of cardiovascular health than BMI. It is also a primary determinant of ‘attractiveness’.

T – Tone

10% reduction in diastasis recti at 2 months after 4tx. Moms don’t always have the downtime available for a full tummy tuck (the only method of full diastasis repair). However, some improvement is always better than none, and minor improvement to a diastasis can lead to small improvements in back pain, personal confidence and waistline measurement.  Improvement in muscle tone allows for better muscle health and metabolism.

EMSCUPT® at Plastic Surgical Associates

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