Combining Emsculpt and Decellerage with Medical Weight Loss

As the demand for semaglutide and tirzepatide as weight loss aids skyrockets, it’s crucial to ensure every step of your journey is optimized for success. While these injectable solutions offer promising results, not every user achieves their desired outcome. For many, the ultimate goal is a significant enhancement in appearance, and preserving muscle mass is key to achieving that.

Among those utilizing injectable weight loss options, a common concern is the potential loss of muscle mass instead of fat, regardless of age. To tackle this issue head-on and ensure your journey is as effective as possible, we offer two cutting-edge solutions: Emsculpt Neo and Decellerage.

Emsculpt Neo stands out as a revolutionary body contouring treatment. With a series of targeted sessions, it not only reduces stubborn body fat but also enhances core strength and increases muscle mass by an impressive 25%. Imagine the equivalent of sixteen weeks of dedicated resistance training, achieved in just four weekly treatments.

Before and After Emsculpt Neo

This image shows a 64 year old woman before Emsculpt Neo (left) and 2 years later, after 14 pound weight loss and 3, 4 weekly sessions of Emsculpt Neo (right)

Decellerage is a topical serum, developed in collaboration with Dr. Duncan and her formulations partner, Steve Kushner. This  plant based, natural formula topical serum activates mitochondrial AMPK to boost cellular energy levels, facilitating the breakdown of stubborn internal fat deposits. When applied twice daily to the abdomen, Decellerage complements your healthy lifestyle choices, propelling you towards long-term metabolic health improvements.

Decellerage before and after

This image shows a 31 year old patient prior to starting Decellerage treatment (left) and then 4 months into their Decellerage serum treatment (right)

The Emsculpt Neo and Decellerage combination can be used alone, but also as a definitive “jump start” for those on our tirzepatide or semaglutide weight loss program. Empowering patients to achieve their desired weight loss outcomes with confidence and vitality.

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