Mommy Makeover

TummyTuck patient
TummyTuck patient

Gender: Female
Age: 45

This 45 year old mother of three large babies complained about the overhang of skin and her “muffin top”. Despite a tough exercise schedule and a strict diet, the area never improved.

While she looks heavy in the area around her belly button, this is really a muscle separation or diastasis from the stretch of her pregnancies. Not a true hernia, the gap between the muscles will not snap back or repair itself in many cases after childbirth. This patient has had an abdominoplasty, in which her excess lower skin and fat was removed, the muscle gap repaired, and the remaining skin puled down to the inguinal crease. The key factor in her case was muscle repair. Not all surgeons do this; it is important to make sure that this is a routine element of the abdominoplasty is you want the flattest stomach possible. The photos above (before) and below, five months following abdominoplasty and flank liposuction, show a dramatic improvement in contour. There is some recovery involved, so its important to schedule time off work and away from household chores.