Secondary Implant Correction

Age: 44

44 year old had silicone implants placed within the breast tissue 22 years ago. Change of implant profile: a moderate profile implant converted to subpectoral position solved the shape problem.

At first this patient’s implants looked good, but over time, the weight of the saline implant caused the lower outer pocket to enlarge. This effect is potentiated by lack of support garments such as not wearing a bra. Very thin patients without much soft tissue support are prone to developing this problem as well. Correction can include removal of the saline implants and replacement with cohesive gel, or “gummy bear” implants, and a capsulorrhaphy, or tightening of the lower outer pocket. When implants are placed under breast tissue alone, the implant tends to “ball up” and fall forward into the tube of skin that surrounds it. A torpedo-like look is not uncommon in patients who have had their implants done this way. The result, over time, is overprojecting breasts that also droop.