Secondary Implant Correction

Her photo above left shows her preoperative appearance. I removed her saline implants and the surrounding scar tissue, and replaced them with “gummy bear” implants using a “dual plane” approach—under the pectoral muscle above, under breast tissue below.

I corrected the pocket position so that a more natural appearance could be achieved. It is difficult, once surgery has been done and a problem occurs, to entirely correct the appearance, but in most cases, dramatic improvement in appearance can be achieved. The result, right, shows a much more natural and tasteful look.

In some cases, the problem can be caused by poor placement of the original implants. This can be corrected by switching the position of implants from subglandular to subpectoral, and by enlarging the pocket. The woman pictured below had implants put in by a physician who was not a plastic surgeon. The implants were under the soft tissue only, and her pockets were quite tight. They were saline implants, and were overfilled so they resembled a ball. This is not a natural appearance for anyone.