Secondary Implant Correction

I removed her saline implants on both sides and opened up her tight pockets. Capsular contracture can contribute to deflation, as it can cause a peripheral fold with a weak point—the “fold flaw phenomenon” — which then creates a pinpoint hole causing the fluid to leak out.

Her saline implants were replaced with “gummy bear” implants. Her new implants should last 20- 25 years unless there is severe trauma to the implants.

Saline implants have a relatively short life statistically as compared to cohesive gel implants. The average lifespan of a saline implant is about ten years. Deflation results in a sudden loss of volume, which feels like an emergency to many women when it occurs. While most patients are aware of this risk at the time of surgery, ten years can pass very quickly. The risk of deflation, implant migration, rippling, and lack of upper pole fullness are several reasons why I tend to use cohesive gel implants instead of saline. The woman below had her saline implants for many years. One day she noticed a funny sensation on her left side, and over the next 24 hours lost all of the volume from that side’s implant.