Dr. Duncan at 5 Continent Congress (5CC) Barcelona

Dr. Diane Duncan returned Monday (happy Labor Day everyone!) from the 5CC conference in Barcelona, Spain!

It’s a congress attended predominantly by dermatologists and plastic surgeons; Dr. Duncan presented on her scarless breast lifting technique (trademarked by her as the PerkyLift a couple years ago), microneedling and dermaceuticals, nanofat combined with filler as an alternative to filler, and hair transplant graft bed preparation.  It was quite a lot (and, scheduled all in one day)!
Some of Dr. Duncan’s favorite discoveries were…

  • Fantastic PRP results from Elizabeth Houshmand, MD
  • An innovative stem cell processor created by her good friend and colleague Tunc Tiryaki, MD
  • Many forays into experimental areas of therapy, many trending towards more minimally-invasive techniques, across the board

Ultimately, many of these conferences present the chance to catch up with colleagues who have become friends and to create new relationships as well. Of course, there can sometimes be the sense that ‘being on the podium’ is of the utmost importance but more and more the genuine interest lies in education. The mingling of so many different backgrounds, areas of specialty, and therapy availabilities present an incredible opportunity for collaborations and innovations. Oftentimes some of the best ‘presentations’ are found being discussed in the hallway or in a corner of the exhibit hall. Dr. Duncan finds many of her new techniques, or brainstorms and collaborates with both companies and colleagues at these Congresses.

Otherwise, Barcelona was enjoyed tremendously from the Cathedral and La Sagrada Familia to many good restaurants (Shoko, oh yum), the beach, and even a totally touristy trip to the IceBarcelona! Dr. Duncan also enjoyed the chance to practice her Spanish (even though Catalan Spanish is definitely different!)

Photo of the cathedral in Spain