IMCAS Asia 2018

Dr. Diane Duncan recently returned from Thailand!

She was a faculty speaker and session chair at the conference and covered a multitude of topics from a non-surgical facelift (probably her favorite) to micro-needling and 3D imaging using Canfield Vectra.

Conference highlights ranged from:

  • Long nose rhinoplasty – many patients are scared of a full rhinoplasty, or hesitant since there is substantial downtime. Many times, a dorsal hump indicates the need for a traditional rhinoplasty but this method provides a possible alternative. Essentially, if the patient has a longer nose, it is possible to perform a closed rhinoplasty with a suture that pulls the tip up and disguises the ‘hump’ on the bridge of the nose.
  • There have been no reported cases of BIA-ALCL from smooth implant use. What is ALCL and how does it relate to implants? The FDA had announced that risk of breast implant-associated anapestic large-cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) was higher in women with textured implants as opposed to smooth implants.  Dr. Duncan only uses smooth implants (both Mentor silicone gel and the Ideal Implant structured saline are offered at our practice).
  • Finally, seeing friends. Many practitioners here have all met, grown, and continue to stay in touch from this particular Congress. Started in Paris in 2005 by Dr. Benjamin Ascher, the IMCAS conference continues to expand in size and locations around the world (Like Bali next year!).

Post-conference, Dr. Duncan spent a couple days in beautiful Chiang Mai, learning to cook (Thai is one of her favorite cuisines), seeing temples and butterflies, and taking in the classic sights of Thailand!

One of the biggest takeaways from the trip actually came from many of the people – the service here is astonishing. This level of personal interest and engagement in your experience is something we hope to expand upon at the practice.