1701 East Prospect Road, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Meet the Plastic Surgical Associates Team


Registered Nurse, Provider

Perla is our resident Wonder Woman. Aside from providing excellent patient care, assisting in the O.R. and being our Recovery Room Nurse, she also does all our ordering, clinical organization and prep, and otherwise rocks every one of the many jobs she has. She earned her degree at the University of Northern Colorado. Perla’s passion is people and she is there for our patients from the beginning to the end of their surgery. As a Fort Collins native, Perla enjoys staying active, hiking, going shopping, and spending time with family and friends.

Perla was recently certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Her ACLS certification strengthens our experienced and talented OR crew! Perla also provides laser and light treatments under topical anesthesia.


Front Desk Extraordinaire

Anna is our front desk extraordinaire - you will probably see her smile when you first walk into the office!


Patient Care Coordinator

Phoebe joined us in December! She's from St. Louis, and has a kitty! 


Practice Manager, CALT

Danielle is our Practice Manager, Laser Safety Officer and is a certified Aesthetic Laser Technician. She provides erbium laser, HALO, and fractional laser treatments for our patients.

Outside of work, Dani teaches kung fu, hits the gym too early in the morning and has an active interest in photography.


Medical Assistant

Brittany assists Dr. Duncan in surgery and sees our patients. She's a Clinical Medical Assistant who is a rockstar in surgery and loves to keep everything super clean (seriously, it's the best). 


Bookkeeper/ Accountant

Chris is our offsite bookkeeper/ accountant who lives in San Diego. She has been with Dr. Duncan for 20 years. Chris pays the bills, does our payroll, watches the schedule, and makes sure that the business aspects of our operation flow smoothly.

Chris has an unusual ability to get things done without on site supervision. She is one of our most valuable assets!