Meet the Plastic Surgical Associates Team


Practice Manager


Danielle is supposed to be assessing, revising, and modifying Plastic Surgical Associates’ Operations, however, she is most commonly found facilitating said operations. She shadows during clinic time, helps at the front desk, assists in surgery, and is the professional hand-holder and errand girl.


Medical Assistant


Brittany is our Nationally Certified Medical Assistant who is a native of Fort Collins. She knew she wanted to be in aesthetics upon graduating from school and regales the rest of the staff with her research into plastics in the mainstream media. She tremendously enjoys helping people reach their cosmetic goals and getting to be a part of the subsequent confidence boost.
Brittany is a mom to one son, Robbie, and 4 fur babies: Nala & Bruno (doggos), Nebula (cat), and a bunny named Bunny. She is a pro shopper and one of our go-to ‘must see’ movie resources.
You’ll most likely meet her when she starts your initial consultation, and she’ll be one of the ones on your surgical team when it’s your special day! Afterwards, she’ll be one of the amazing caregivers during your recheck and photo period.


Patient Care Coordinator

Ciara joins us from the world of finance and is a master of coordinating schedules and liaising between patients and Dr. Duncan. She is a huge animal lover and is our go-to when lunchtime crossword clues involve animal classes. You’ll likely meet her first when coming into the office or when initially corresponding.


Medical Scribe

Emily joins us briefly from finishing school in Hawaii! A Tennessee native, she will be leaving us for MEDICAL SCHOOL come June! She’s a runner, has an AMAZING Maine Coon and is simply a joy to have in office.


Patient Care Coordinator

Christine joins us from the world of realty and brings her love of organization, excellent client care and attention to detail with her! You will catch her on the phone, meet with her for a post-consultation quote delivery and communicate with her regarding booking your surgery!


PACU & Nurse Provider

She’s amazing. You’ll see.
Jess joins us from the world of hospital COVID and still occasionally helps out at the hospital because she’s just that good. She is the ultimate mom, both to her kids, furbabies, husband and patients. She’s also an excellent procedural help both facilitating procedures on her own and as an assist!