Some thoughts on resolutions: New Year, New You.

A few weeks into the new year is generally when resolutions begin to take a nosedive…so the end of January is always a good time to

check in with yourself

It’s so easy to get caught up in the Instagram craze of posting your de-cluttering, daily yoga practice, or morning green smoothie as a way to seemingly track your change…until it falls away. Once the novelty wears off and real life descends again after the holidays it’s easy to sink into a FOMO depression or wallow in your apparent inability to stick to your resolutions.

While making a change towards a better lifestyle is always commendable, the never-ending To-Do list can act against the betterment you’re trying to attain. When BEING better creates this constant pressure on your life that never allows you to FEEL better – is it worth it?

Of course, there’s the initial suck that must be breached at the beginning of any new habit. Maybe your new keto diet has you going through keto-flu, or maybe your new gym regimen has you so sore you have to fall out of bed. That usually passes (or indicates you’re going too hard and can be a warning light towards potential burnout). But once you’re over that hump, do you FEEL better?

Do you stop to assess how you actually feel, instead of how you should feel?

How often are you checking in with those shiny new habits and what they’re doing (or not doing) for you?

Many of our patients, employees, friends, and family can point to that perfectly clean, minimalist kitchen they saw on Insta and assume that having that will make them feel organized, in control, successful, more peaceful…[insert your wanted feeling here]. But you know what? Maybe that’s not actually your jam. Maybe your kitchen is a little messy, always lively, and the center of your home. When was the last time you looked at your life with a perspective of ‘should want’ vs. ‘gorgeous got’? What do you have in your life that while maybe it’s not Instagram ready…is beautiful and makes your heart feel full? This year, why don’t we work on kicking the ‘shoulds’, and looking at what will ACTUALLY make us feel how we want to feel?

Best of luck to a beautiful 2019!